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3D-ish is an Android application that lets you create and view photos with a 3D feel.

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Try it! Touch (or mouse click) and drag this image to see the 3D-ish effect.
(In 3D-ish this happens when you tilt the phone.)
You can pinch to zoom if available on your phone.
You can ctrl-scrollwheel if available on your computer.

3D curious?
You should...

Check out some more simulated 3D-ish images

View a short (old) YouTube video on taking and viewing 3D-ish Photos

Download some example 3D-ish images

3D-ish works by merging several photos over a short period of time into one photo.

Although 3D-ish images look nice and 3D-ish when viewed with the 3D-ish app, to all other programs they are regular photos, so they can easily be viewed, saved, emailed, etc.

All feedback is greatly appreciated.
Email your thoughts to johnoberschelp@gmail.com .


If a picture is worth a thousand words,
then a 3D picture has got to be worth... I don't know... a lot of words.
Here are a few 3D-ish photos that have been ripped apart and the 3D effect simulated for your viewing pleasure.
The simulator has been tested and seems to work in major desktop and smart phone browsers.
Click on one to get an idea of what a 3D-ish photo is.

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Want to see what a 3D-ish photo REALLY feels like?
Click on one or more of these thumbnails, and then save the photo to your phone.

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Remember: if you open these photos in the with the Gallery app, for example, they will not look 3D-ish.

Micro Blog

02/12/2013 - The all new 3D-ish is finally here!

Higher quality images.
Works on more phones.
Separate folder of 3D-ish images.
Combined camera and viewer.
Can be used with front facing camera.
Timeframe trimming.
Life is good.

10/20/2012 - 1st mention of 3D-ish, a combined 3D-ish Viewer & 3D-ish Camera

3D-ish Viewer and 3D-ish Camera are getting a long overdue update and mergificationizing thingie action.
Compatible with more phones, better quality images, separate gallery folder, and more.

03/04/2011 - Version 3 of 3D-ish Viewer and 3D-ish Camera released!

Completely reworked and refined interface.

10/11/2010 - 3D-ish Viewer for Web Pages released!

Now you can put 3D-ish Photos on web pages! You're welcome.

Learn how To add a 3D-ish Photo to a Web Page

09/23/2010 - 3D-ish Camera and 3D-ish Viewer released!

Today, 3D-ish Camera and 3D-ish Viewer were released as separate apps. Now if you want to take a photo, launch 3D-ish Camera; if you want to look at your 3D-ish photos, launch 3D-ish Viewer.

06/24/2010 - Version 1.1.0 released!

06/18/2010 - A User commented:

"Awesome but does not save multiple 3d
images. You have to start over each time
you want a new one. Allow for saving on
SD card to share with friends."
Did they not see the save button or is there actually a problem saving to the SD card?
Please email me if you are having any problem!

06/17/2010 - 3 days old. 566 downloads!

06/14/2010 - Launch Date!

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